Finding Life’s Purpose

The Board meeting at the megachurch ended at about 8pm. It was the finish of a good day of consulting. The senior pastor walked to the parking lot with me and asked, “Want to get a snack? I’d like to try a restaurant near your hotel.”

I’ve been a consultant, mentor, and friend of Mark for more years than I can count. I said, “Sure!”

The Waitress

The young lady who waited on us was sharp and friendly. After she brought us our drinks and the appetizer we would share, Sarah acted like she wanted to talk. So I politely asked her what she does when she wasn’t waitressing.

“I’m a student at Creighton University,” she replied.

Deeper in the conversation, we discovered she was twenty and had changed her major nine times. I suggested she look at the website for SEND North America. I warned her that it was a Christian experience for ten months. She said she had not been to church much for several years. “Mostly Christmas or Easter,” she said.

The Offer

I wrote the website on a card and handed it to her. My friend, Mark, asked if he could add something to the card. He added his cell phone number and said, “I know this program. If you decide to do it, I’ll find the people in my church who will pay your tuition.” I added, “Every student raises their own tuition, using the materials SEND provides. No one has trouble doing it.”


Many young adults are unsure of their direction. It is not because they don’t have good choices. It’s often because there are too many choices! To make matters worse, the job market is really tough right now. That’s a problem. It’s also an opportunity – to spend ten months to allow God to show you who you are uniquely created to be, and what you might specifically be created to do. Finding your niche in life – at the front end – is your most important discovery!