Many young adults will be home for the holidays and asking themselves after their first experience with college or university where God might really be calling them.

Many young adults have chosen not to go to school but to pursue something else for their lives. Some might just want to take a break from what they are doing now and just learn how to be a better Christian, or grow stronger or deeper in their Christian faith.

If you know a young adult or are a young adult seeking something more, consider learning more about SEND North America. SEND will help you grow closer to God and understand the unique mission He created you to fulfill.

Here are just a few things young adults currently in SEND are saying about their experience….

  • There has been a change in me. Two months ago I wouldn’t say I was a strong Christian, but God has changed my way of thinking from my needs, my wants, into constant communication with Him.
  • I already find myself asking questions like, “What can I do to serve God fully, without my human strings attached?”
  • I have found that Christianity is not easy! I must surrender my ways of living, my hopes and dreams, and even my perception of who I am and who I will become if I am to be the tool God created me to be.
  • We have been challenged to step out of our comfort zone and move when the Spirit says. Through our obedience, others will have the strength and hunger to follow God at a deeper level.