Ok – so the job market sucks for 20-somethings. You graduate from college and hit a career brick wall. Maybe you feel restless about your career choice, anyway. And, perhaps, you are a Christian and actually take it seriously – like, “God, what do You want me to do with my life?”


In a recent blog post from George Barna, “What Teens Aspire to Do in Life, How Churches Can Help?”, the Barna Group concludes that there is a need many students feel today. The research from the Barna Group reflects, “Only 38% of youth pastors and 36% of senior pastors say they frequently discuss college plans with their students.”

Herb, a professor friend of mine at a university in Portland, Oregon, says many of the college graduates aren’t even clear about their future.

Here’s an opportunity: several Christian ministries have developed a 10-month experience of learning/doing/living in community, to explore who you are – as God created you. This is a critical step that precedes what you do.

One of these programs is SEND North America. It is patterned after similar programs that have flourished in Europe for the last 15-20 years. European culture has accepted a “gap year” culture for decades. The trend is growing in North America.

The “gap year” is a popular and accepted year off, after college, to discover yourself. It is a natural extension of Christianity to help young adults find their niche.

What you consider to be a problem, may be an opportunity of a lifetime – for a lifetime!

Kent R. Hunter is the author of The Future is Now: How God is Moving in the 21st Century.