KentHunterAmazingDo you ever study trends? I do, because I like to see what God’s up to. I travel a lot. I first noticed this trend in Nigeria, West Africa. The Christian church was exploding. And God was using—for the most part—young adults in their twenties, to build churches, to grow the Christian movement.

Later, I saw the same thing happening in the Amazon region of Brazil. Young people were the backbone of a fantastic movement to Christ, way out there in the largest rain forest in the world!

In the days during the fall of communism, there were many young adults who were in jail for their Christian faith. As the communist government was coming unglued, they were letting these young adults out of prison. And they were starting churches: in homes, in theaters, in concert halls, in restaurants. But they had no training. I was asked for several years in a row to teach these young adults—by the thousands—how to lead as pastors. We would go for ten days each year, lead very large conferences, with intense training: all day, and into the night. These young people turned Russia upside down. And many older people responded to their preaching.

My next experience was in South Korea. There I saw God using young people—by the thousands—to grow Christian churches. Today, some of the largest churches in the history of Christianity are in Seoul, Korea—built on the energy and the enthusiasm of young adults!

Recently I was in China. China is a place where Christianity is underground: it is not officially recognized as a legal entity. But the house church movement there may be the largest growth of Christianity since the first century!

This year I will teach church leaders in Central America. I was invited to teach at a conference by my friend, Steve, an amazing missionary who knows Latin America and has a heart for revival. Steve says there are young adults everywhere on fire for God and eager to serve Jesus.

I see SEND as a movement that fits what God is doing right now in the U.S., and all over the world. I heard recently that, throughout history, whenever there has been a great movement, there has been a parallel youth movement.

You want to get in the middle of what God is doing? Get in SEND. Get the spiritual formation, discipleship and missionary training. Become a leader where God is moving. Join God where He is working. This is not a trend. This is a movement of God. That’s why I think SEND is at the heart of what God is doing today. You should be there too!

Kent Hunter, founder of Church Doctor Ministries, is known as the Church Doctor. His most recent e-books are The Future Is Now and The J-Dog Journey, available at no cost. Contact him at (800) 626-8515, by emailTwitter, Facebook, or visit

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