KentHunterAmazingWhen I first saw a young adult 10-month training experience, my son, Jon, was just starting college. I began to pray that God would somehow, someday lead him to participate in something like SEND. Those I met from this type of training are the most sensible, enthusiastic, on-fire, joyful Christian young adults I’ve seen anywhere in the world. And I’ve traveled a lot!

For four years, I prayed God would direct Jon to an experience like SEND. I kept a brochure on the table next to my bed, reminding me to pray every night. Meanwhile, he drifted away from God while he was in college. It took faith to keep praying during those dark days.

In his last year at school, Jon had a crisis: he realized that what he was studying was not what he wanted to do with his life. Not knowing what to do, he chose to start the training experience. His mother and I watched, each month, as he blossomed, transformed before our very eyes. Today he is in Malaysia, planting a church. He is every Christian parent’s dream come true. He has found God’s way for his life. Not long ago, a company asked me to write the story about Jon. I wrote The J-Dog Journey, available at

Kent R. Hunter, Founder
Church Doctor Ministries

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