teensFlipping through my Flipboard newsfeed this headline caught my attention: “America’s Teens Outscore Adults On Stress.” I scanned through the article wondering to myself how on earth a generation who has seemingly be given everything be stressed out about anything? The article shares some of the anxiety and stress teens today are facing. It was insightful to read some of the factors causing current stress felt by teens.

A lot of stress for teens today comes from worrying about what they are going to do next in life. College? Living on their own? Career? Family? All questions that many teens struggle with at an earlier age it seems than most of us did.

When I was a teenager I knew my goals and could tell you what I wanted to do in the short term of my life following high school. Go to The Ohio State University, get a job, and live a good life. Seemed pretty simple at the time.

Today, teens have so many things to choose from and so many things to figure out. Life isn’t that clear and simple anymore. Many teens are even wondering if attending college, which was a given for my generation, is really something they should do.

That’s where something like SEND North America can help teens and young adults figure out who they are and what they should do with their life. It’s also a great way to begin a journey that could lead to working in ministry for a church or para-church ministry. Research coming in from several leading research groups shows teens want to make a difference. Basic ministry, leadership, and life skills training experienced in just 10 months of SEND North America can provide direction for teens wanting to make a difference.

If you know a teen graduating from high school soon talk to them about the things they are concerned or stressed about. Discuss the alternatives out there for them to experience life and get to know more about who God has called them to be. Share SEND with them as a way to take some middle steps into their next season of life. Spending 10 months in SEND can help a teen graduating from high school be better prepared to handle the stress and anxiety they may be experiencing now about what to do next.


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