SEND North America, is an equipping ministry for young adults. “SEND” stands for Servants Equipping New Disciples.” So who needs that?

For one, Mary. Mary is a smart young adult who has been an interested Christian for most of her 25 years. She wants to serve God. She’d like to learn more about God, go deeper in authentic Christianity, but wants to find the niche God has for her.

What is SEND?

SEND North America is a training unit of 12 to 25 students, who live in community by gender, and grow together over a 10-month process of teaching, reflection, discovery, and hands-on ministry. It is a ministry experience, based on efforts found in Christian Movements around the world. It provides a platform for young adults to explore and discover God’s plan for their lives. In the process, young adults are involved in Bible study, prayer, and worship. They participate in reflection tools to learn how God has uniquely designed each of them. They learn about God’s teaching and ministry opportunities from carefully selected teachers who focus of their passion and their expertise. Students receive hands-on experience with ministry to the poor, homeless, ethnic ministries, work with children, the aged, their peers, and families. They learn, at a deeper level, about prayer, service, discipleship, spiritual gifts, Christian Movements, faith sharing, and effective mission methods in the 21st century world of social networks. SEND students work part-time jobs three days a week to pay their monthly expenses. Two days a week they are in teaching and involvement in ministry. They worship together on weekends. One weekend a month, they participate in an intensive mission excursion. In the spring, students participate in an experience to minister to the poor in a foreign country.

The SEND leader is a mentoring guide who organizes all of the experiences and teachers, as well as providing an accountability structure for the students.

The tuition for the 10 months is $5,000, which students are trained to raise, finding ten families who support them for $50 a month. This teaches students to be accountable to their support partners. It provides a great experience for those who support a student, and watch the student’s growth month by month.

Is SEND For You?

SEND is not another school for those who want to earn a degree. It is a missionary boot camp experience for those who want to prepare for life. Whether students become active members of the church and follow their own career path, or whether they seek a ministry position in North America, or elsewhere, they are well-prepared and grounded to make a difference for God’s Kingdom for the rest of their lives.

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“My son participated in this type of training. He is every Christian father’s dream come true!”
A grateful father and pastor