216Church Doctor Ministries has spent the last 35 years consulting, coaching, and teaching churches in order to make them more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission and making disciples for Christ. After consulting over 1,400 churches, the Church Doctors have identified a startling trend; young adults, “millennials”, are disappearing from the church! And not returning! This unsettling discovery led Church Doctor Ministries to launch the ministry initiative we know now as SEND North America!

Church Doctor Ministries is committed to building up the next generation of believers, and they love sharing their discoveries and strategies for how to do this! SEND is excited to announce that a local round table, teaching event, is available to you! This event, Reaching Young Adults: The Great Potential of Those 18-30 Years Old, sheds light on who comprises this “millennial” generation, how young adults are a key ingredient for a breakthrough movement for the Christian faith, and strategic plans all churches and organizations can implement to reach young people. This unique and powerful round table shares what God will do with this generation of 18-30 year olds to reach this country for Christ!

Contact Terry Atz at terryatz@churchdoctor.org or 1-800-626-8525 to explore hosting “Reaching Young Adults” at your church or in your community.

SEND North America Young Adults are 10 months away from becoming trained missionaries and helping you reach young adults in your church. Contact us to learn more.

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