march 14' 078“It changed my life.”

I am not surprised when I hear those words from young adults after they complete the SEND experience. Why? Because with God all things are possible.

A few years ago, with the launch of SEND North America, we set out to start something that would have an impact on young people, change their lives, help them grow closer to God, and equip them to be better missionaries and Christians than they thought they could be. And now as I talk with SEND graduates, it is clear to me we are achieving that mission and God is moving and working in the lives of more young adults because of the SEND experience.

This time of year we celebrate and give thanks. We celebrate the birth of Jesus. We give thanks that God really did love the world so much that He sent His son to redeem the world. Personally, I am celebrating and thanking God for all He has done in lives of the young adults and celebrating and thanking God for how SEND has been a vehicle for personal, spiritual transformation.

photo7Participants of SEND have shared time and time again how each step of the SEND experience shaped who they are now. Moving them from some very dark and challenging places in their lives, to living a life that imitates and models what Jesus teaches us.

SEND graduates have shared that they feel more equipped to share how God has worked in their lives and feel more focused on who God is calling them to be and how they can better serve in their communities, families, and marketplace. In some cases, SEND graduates are sharing what they learned in SEND in full time ministry.

SEND provides solid teaching on missions, ministry, and Christian living as well as providing immediate hands-on application of that new learning. SEND young adults say this is one of the most beneficial aspects of SEND. They learn and immediately apply that learning in a context that leaves a lasting impression on them. Young adults are challenged and given opportunities to experience God in new ways. And He shows up in great ways leading young adults to discover just how important and impactful an ongoing relationship with Him really is.

We are thankful for the young adults who have participated in SEND and we are looking forward to the new unit launching in January 2015. More young adults are joining the SEND movement to experience transformational change and to grow closer to God, discovering all He is calling them to be. Millennials may be the most studied and challenged generation of our time, but with God all things are possible. We know it’s possible for God to transform lives through SEND. It’s happened before, it will happen again.

Tracee J. Swank, Leader
Church Doctor Ministries

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