The economy is back!

This is reported by Fareed Zakaria in his article “A Flight Plan for the American Economy,” Time Magazine, May 30, 2011, page 36 ff.  The U.S. GDP is now about $13.5 trillion – about what it was in 2007, before the recessions.

The job market, however, is lagging.  Growth is about 2%.  Zakaria reports, “…job creation has reached around 250,000 a month…actually barely enough to keep pace with all the new workers entering the job market for the first time.”  That’s you, college grads!

If you’re a Christian, what are your options?  Most new jobs, according to this Time report, are part-time:  option #1.  They pay an average $19,000 – half the median income.  Consider option #2:  working for God.  There’s a movement in Europe, starting in Canada and the U.S.  It is a new wave of young adults on fire for God.  They want to make a difference.  The challenge is “the old school” system of seminary requirements – more time, lots of money.

Consider option #3 – a combination of the best of number 1 and number 2.  Get creative!  If God is tugging at your heart in this wasteland of job opportunities, it may be God wants you to make an impact on this sorry world – and has provided a way.

Check out SEND North America.  This is not formal classroom academics.  It’s a 10-month boot camp to develop high-value asset Christians who learn how to do real Christian ministry in the 21st century.  Tuition is not paid by you.  Churches are already beginning to ask for these specially-trained missionaries to come on staff, and lead a SEND unit.  These are paid positions.

While you train for 10 months, you work part-time, live in community with other young adults, and spend a lot of time in hands-on, street-level ministry experience.

When God closes one door, He opens another.  Don’t miss it!

Some want to make a living.

Others want to make a difference.

Some will do both.