I commend the Willow Creek Summit for adding to the mix of stellar CEOs, prize-winning Christian leaders, and best-selling authors, a focus on those who grind out ministries in trenches that never show up on the radar screens of success from the human perspective.

When Bill Hybels drove us to the “intersection of being fruitful and being successful” and showed us the street sign of Jeremiah 20, something very genuine touched our hearts. It was a divine, sobering moment – a spiritually healthy place to spend some valuable time.

A Broken Reality

Thank you, Bill, for articulating what we all are feeling: “Our world is broken, and it is getting worse.” Your words are not discouraging pessimism, but a realty gut check.

I’ve spent the last three decades helping challenged Christian leaders, so many of whom want a quick-fix program for their churches. It’s so true, what Bill said, “the fixes are not short-term or easy assignments.” Bill was right on! God is looking for some strong leaders who say, “If there is a tough assignment – I’m ready!”

I’m encouraged, especially by the courage, passion, and authenticity of an increasing number of Christian young adults who want to make a difference. I challenge every Christian leader to carve out some special time to personally and relationally invest in discipling a young adult. What if every Summit leader committed to bring a young adult with them next year, an act of legacy – an investment in the future?

I believe this young adult, naturally networking generation is our best shot at world evangelization since the 1st Century Christians. Jeremiah would find them to be a responsive audience.