The opening session speakers from the 2011 Willow Creek Leadership Summit have sufficiently challenged our thinking on how leaders need to take action. The next generation of young adult ministry leaders will, in my opinion, lead more and get more ministry done by understanding just how important it is to take action.

Just take the first step.

Take the first step into doing something that you want to do, like to do, feel called to do. It doesn’t have to be the next great new idea that you’re after. It doesn’t need to be that at all. You just need to be you – and take action.

Thousands of people everyday sit and think and ponder about what to do next. The reality is, they just need to think about doing something and start doing something. Anything.

Many may not take action because of the fear of failure. It is built into our culture and DNA to treat failure as a negative, therefore creating fear, therefore creating inaction. The reality is that failure is the best way to learn how to take action. To do something to make a difference – even if you fall short.

Young adult leaders need to hear this message – they also need to be equipped to take action. Consider finding ways to take the first step. Instead of thinking about what to do next – think about taking action now.

What are you waiting for?