What happens during a week in the life of a SEND Young Adult? Does anything special happen during the month? Here’s an outline of the SEND adventure that answers these questions.

SENDTeachingTypical Week:

  • Sunday – Worship with SEND Team, Bible Study
  • Monday – Work, Bible study
  • Tuesday – SEND Teaching Day – Morning and Afternoon Teachings, Prayer, Team Lunch, Study Time, Team Discussion and Reflection, Bible Study
  • Wednesday – Work, Bible Study
  • Thursday – SEND Training Day – Morning Teaching, Hands-On Local Mission/Ministry Experience, Team Lunch, Team Discussion and Reflection, Bible Study
  • Friday – Work, Bible Study
  • Saturday – Personal Day, Bible Study

LocalHangoutMonthly Experiences:

  • The Hangout – The Third Thursday evening each month is a social “hangout” time in Fort Wayne to have a good time and make some friends!
  • Monthly Mission Excursion – SEND young adults experience domestic missions and ministry in Indiana and surrounding states, including homeless missions, prison ministry, and college student ministry.

ThirdWorldMissionSpecial Experiences:

  • Welcome Retreat
  • Launch Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Christmas Break
  • Spring Fling Party
  • Spring Break
  • Third-world Mission Trip
  • Graduation

SEND North America Young Adults are 10 months away from becoming trained missionaries and helping you reach young adults in your church. Contact us to learn more.

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