pbobIn our discipleship and missionary training process we have over 50 teachers that teach over 75 teachings throughout our journey. The Lord has blessed this ministry with so many incredible teachers who serve and share years of ministry experience and wisdom with our young adults. These teachings and our amazing teachers are what makes our process so fantastic and unique to other types of discipleship training programs in the United States. Throughout this SEND training year 13-14 we would like to share with you the incredible servants who teach in SEND in a segment called: SEND Teacher Spotlight! For this week, we introduce a favorite at SEND: Robert Shriner aka (PBob), Pastor at St. John Lutheran Church, Kendallville IN.

What classes do you teach at SEND?

  • Overview of the Bible
  • The Bible: How to Unpack it
  • The End Times and the Urgency of Mission
  • Healing in the Scripture and Today
  • Cross-Eyed Christians & Grace is Amazing
  • Practicing the Presence of God

What is your background? (school/credentials)

  • Master of Divinity degree from Concordia Theological Seminary
  • Doctor of Ministry degree from Christian International School of Theology

Where do you serve the Lord and for how long have you been in ministry?

  • Currently at St. John Lutheran Church and School, Kendallville, IN for 15 years.
  • Previously served churches in Elk Grove Village, IL; Snyder, NE; and Oberlin, OH.
  • I’ve been a pastor for 26 years.

What is your favorite thing about SEND North America?

  • My favorite thing (person) is SEND Leader Josh Humberger, who is a passionate, dedicated apostolic mentor. He invests his life and skills into teams of contemporary apostolic missionaries who become trained and equipped revivalists.
  • My second favorite thing is the Biblical foundation of the training and ministry.
  • My third favorite thing is the outreach and ministry focus for community/world impact.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

  • I spent eleven years as a career oriented military officer in the Marine Corps before attending seminary and entering pastoral ministry.

Thank you Pastor Bob for your years of service to our country, for your years serving as a Pastor, and for serving and teaching at SEND! Pretty cool to have a former fighter pilot as a teacher! Hoo Ra!