530575In our discipleship and missionary training process we have over 50 teachers that teach over 75 teachings throughout our journey. The Lord has blessed this ministry with so many incredible teachers who serve and share years of ministry experience and wisdom with our young adults. These teachings and our amazing teachers are what makes our process so fantastic and unique to other types of discipleship training programs in the United States. Throughout this SEND training year 13-14 we would like to share with you the incredible servants who teach in SEND in a segment called:
SEND Teacher Spotlight! For this week, we introduce Pastor Adam Diehl!

What classes do you teach in SEND?

  • I teach on several of the Lifeshapes. The Lifeshapes are a tool that help us disciple like Jesus discipled. Discipling is not just about teaching someone else – it’s about doing life with them and allowing them into your life. I also teach a class on worship, and what it means to connect with God in the corporate setting, and how we do that.

What is your background?

  • I have an undergraduate degree in music, and took Bible School classes in the evenings. I am currently slowly working my way through seminary.

Where do you serve the Lord and for how long have you been in ministry?

  • I am on staff at New Hope Christian Center in Northeast Indiana, where I have attended my entire life. I started leading the band for the worship team in my later years of high school, and came on staff part-time during college. I started as the full-time Worship Arts pastor in 2006, and have had additional leadership responsibilities with Kids Ministry and community life and groups.

What is your favorite thing about SEND North America?

  • My favorite thing about being involved is the obvious fertile soil in which I’m investing (the SEND unit). My favorite thing about the SEND North America process, is its unique hands-on approach to ministry training. The participants aren’t learning because they’re lectured to; they’re learning because they experience and practice their class discussions.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

Pick one…

  • I shook the hand that shook the hand of Mother Teresa.
  • I was a HUGE fan of “Lost” (the TV show), until the series finale. Now I detest the whole thing.
  • I once ate escargot (snail) at a nice restaurant. It felt like a mushroom in my mouth, but as I chewed, it tasted more and more like poop and dirt mixed together. The moral of the story: it doesn’t matter how much you pay for it, snail tastes like snail.
  • In high school, I was really good at the xylophone and marimba.
  • I once road my bicycle 100 miles in one day.
  • I am Batman. You don’t think so? Have you ever seen Batman and me in the same room at the same time? No? Hmm – what’s that tell you?

The always hilarious and multi-talented Adam Diehl ladies and gentlemen! In all serious please check him out at New Hope Christian Center as he leads worship. Amazing gifted worship leader and one we call friend her at SEND North America!