This week we hear from Joshua P., a current SEND young adult. In this week’s blog, Joshua provides us with his insights on the many aspects of ministry and evangelism to folks from all walks and religion.

018God is good. We can all testify to that being that we are redeemed and set free. The timing of God can at times, though make us struggle and question His goodness no matter how many mountains He has moved. The next one always seems to be so much bigger than the last in our own eyes. Being Christ to Muslims is just such a mountain range. It always seems much bigger than it is and from what I have gone through before and at the beginning of S.E.N.D. I struggled to keep my eyes off the peak and on Jesus. At first it was all about trying to prove points and be right, then God showed me through His Holy Spirit and the servants at S.E.N.D that it is not my place to make people see or accept truth but to be an ambassador prepared and ready for good. In my head, when looking at an opportunity or situation, the first thing that comes to mind can often times be hurtful rather than helpful.

Looking at who God placed in my life as people, with a spirit eternal, it is all who are delighted with story and relationship. It is just simple and easy and that it is fun. It is so much more light a yoke than thinking I have a responsibility to prove to them Jesus is God and is the author of salvation. It is God’s business to convict and reveal Himself to them and I just need to be prepared to give an answer when He does convict them or have them ask me things. For the time being, I just try to love them. S.E.N.D has prepared me for the opportunities to reflect Jesus and be ready to answer questions or even to ask questions. There are more opportunities than hands can count. Are you counting or working on being prepared?

Thank you Joshua for your thoughts during your SEND journey! Great stuff! Until next week folks, give your all for Jesus!