We greatly anticipate the many mission excursions that SEND young adults experience each month while they journey through SEND. These immersion experiences, at churches or ministries that excel in Christian service, outreach, worship, or cross-cultural missions, give young adults experiences that they will never forget. What are last year’s SEND young adults saying about these experiences? Check it out:

  • “With mission excursions in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky, there have been great opportunities; this month’s mission was in Dearborn, Michigan, where the largest population of Muslims in the United States lives. Immersing into a body of believers from the middle east showed us how they were being the church to a seemingly closed community of Muslims. It was wonderful to see the ways they were reaching out to the Muslim community and how simple love is and yet so many methods of delivery.”
  • 136“We went to Kentucky as a group. We stayed in a Monastery, where the catholic monks live. I didn’t talk for almost a full 24 hours. This was a time of reflection and prayer. I rested a lot. I’ve needed a time to just be still and not have anything pulling for my time. I enjoyed it a lot. God showed and told me some really amazing revelations.”
  • “We went to Toledo and scoped out Lake Erie, ate at famous Tony Packo’s and participated in LOVE TOLEDO: a ministry to Toledo residents, which this time focused on the Toledo Fire department. We delivered gourmet coffee to each station and talked and prayed with the men and women who were present.”
  • “In Holland, we toured the Holland Rescue Mission that serves over 150 residents that have nowhere else to live. The mission provides shelter and meals and disciplines the residents through a process that returns those it serves to health, employment, financial security, and social well-being before they leave to continue their new lives.”

We can’t wait to see what amazing experiences God uses during the January – October 2015 SEND session! Stay tuned!

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