Instagram and other Social Media AppsYoung adult these days are hard to get to know and understand. That’s what we think anyway. The most studied generation of our time is actually fairly open about sharing information. Millennials actually embrace sharing more information online about themselves. 

So what could this mean for those trying to reach young adults and connect them with a local church?

It means having a visitor friendly website that communicated in common language and doesn’t use dated vocabulary that only members or your denomination, network, or church would understand.

It means your church should have some type of active, regularly updated blog presence sharing short stories of what God is doing in the lives of your specific faith community.

It means your church should participate in various forms of social media to share news, information, pictures, and videos of what you do as a faith community serving together in ministry.

It means you should have trained young adults on staff at your church to reach other young adults. This will cause a spiritual revolution in your church. You can reach young adults and share the Good News of Jesus with them, but you need to build relationships of trust and connectivity in ways your church hasn’t done in the past.

What are you doing differently to reach millennials?

by Tracee J. Swank, Leader, Church Doctor Ministries

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