Joshua P

Joshua P

Joshua P of Indiana decided to experience SEND so that he could be trained and equipped for the calls God will put upon his life. God has refined Joshua in SEND by increasing trust in His name and love for who He is. God has revealed His plans and purposes for Joshua through SEND by having him re evaluate what is important according to what He wants rather than what Joshua prefers.

Joshua P expressed the following about his transformation: “Through this discipleship process at SEND, He has refined me again and again that there may be nothing lacking for the purposes He has for me. What joy I have going through this intensive process is that I change so that God can use me to change others. I’m excited for what is ahead because each month is a surprise and each week is rich with teachings from servants at SEND.”

Joshua thinks differently about the family of God and Christ Jesus Himself as a result of SEND. God has increased the love in Joshua’s heart for the people group of the middle east and those who follow Islam. Knowing that he can really hear God speak and can have real conversation with Him back and forth has been the most exhilarating thing in his SEND experience. Joshua continues to seek to know how to make Christ Jesus truly his all-in-all.

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