Our SEND North America Unit has returned from their Christmas break. They are ready and excited about claiming and living the gift God has given in this new year.

Let us pray:

That God will uphold and support Josh and each member of the SEND Unit that they keep moving in an upward direction with the Lord in control!

That the Holy Spirit will guide the Unit to stay focused on its mission, the teachings, their scripture reading plan and their prayer life.

That the Unit members learn in SEND how as disciples, they follow Jesus into the world through their jobs and relationships.


Let us pray for God’s gracious providing:

That people will respond generously as SEND Unit members start to raise the monies need for their 3rd world mission excursion.

That each student receives a call into the area of ministry for which the Lord is preparing them.

That the Lord starts to stir the hearts of 20 year olds all over the US to join SEND in 2012 and that we start a successful recruiting season!


Let us offer prayers of thanks and praise:

For all of those who are praying for SEND North America.

For those who are supporting the ministry and unit members financially.

For those who are teaching.

For Dr. Kent  Hunter and the Church Doctor staff.

For all the churches connected with SEND.

For such an amazing first half of SEND and such a successful launch!

For the young people God is raising up for the next year of SEND North America.


If you have prayer concerns that our SEND unit and we can shoulder with you, please send them to me at chrysannetimm@churchdoctor.org


We want to hear from you…what are you hearing from young adults about life, God, faith and vocation?  What are you hearing from God regarding ministry by, for and with young adults?   Post what you are hearing here.


May you live in God’s amazing grace in this new year+

Chrysanne Timm

Church Doctor Associate

SEND North America Prayer Team Coordinator