There was an interested crowd gathered at Destiny Family of Faith in Kendallville, Indiana. It was the first SEND North America trailblazer event. I spoke about the New Testament culture of the church, which must be recaptured if we are to experience a revitalization of Christianity. I talked about turning the church inside out. George, a retired teacher and active member of an area church asked first: “How can our church get a SEND Unit?”

What is SEND?

SEND North America is a 10-month, young adult training experience of discipleship learning, hands-on ministry, missionary training, and growth by living in community. The SEND Unit has between 12 and 25 young adults. Those who choose to become SEND leaders receive a second year of mentoring. They are released and deployed to other churches, to join their staff, and lead a SEND unit.

What Would it Look Like for You?

Can you imagine having a young adult on your staff who is trained to be a 21st-century missionary to social networks? What would it be like to have a new group of 12 to 25 young, enthusiastic adults in a unit at your church each year – and over the country? What would it mean to have them working side by side with your church members? Would the mission culture rub off? Absolutely it would! Can you imagine adding this with little or no cost your church? That’s right –the tuition of the student pays for the SEND leader, curriculum, and mission excursions.

How Do We Get There From Here?

Remember George’s question? “How can our church get a SEND Unit?” Obviously not every church is at a level of health to receive a SEND unit. Without some significant growth in missionary thinking, for many churches, the SEND unit would not be good for the church – nor would the church be good for the young adults in SEND.

The answer to George’s question is the result of 10 years of design, field testing, and refinement. It is the 18-month Healthy Churches Thrive! Spiritual Pilgrimage. It produces measurable increases in spiritual growth, Bible study, proportionate giving, number of those who give 10% or more financially to the church, volunteers, missional worldviews, positive attitudes about the church, involvement in outreach and openness to positive change. Learn more about Healthy Churches Thrive! You can do it without cost to your church budget. After successful completion, you can apply for SEND unit. Experience real and lasting revitalization.