In a totally different time in my life I worked in corporate training and development. I got to know lots of great people who were very skilled and talented in Human Resources and Human Resource Development. These were HR professionals and executives who were just outstanding in their field. One of these executives was named Joe. That’s really his name, I am not making it up. He had a couple PhDs, so he was commonly referred to as “Dr. Joe.”

Dr. Joe was the go to guy. If you ever needed something, anything that had to do with team building, leadership, career direction, any career advice at all Dr. Joe was the guy you first thought of when you entered into conversations with people about their careers. I found, along with others in my area of the company, that it became popular to have these conversations with people and after hearing what they were looking for in their life or career moves would commonly respond with…”hey, I know a guy.” This was always followed up with, “his name is Joe and he is really good at helping people figure these types of things out.”

I am sure that many of us know a “Joe.”

And many of us know people who we have referred to a “Joe.”

Right now there are hundreds, if not thousands, of young adults searching for career direction and wondering what to do with their life. They feel like there is something they should be doing or perhaps something they should be experiencing and exploring. They just don’t know what that is yet. And they just don’t know who to talk to about what they are feeling.

Now, in my work in ministry, I no longer have Joe to refer people to…but I still know a guy. His name is Josh. Really, that’s his real name. And he would love to talk to any young adults you know of who might be searching and even struggling with what to do next with their life.

Josh has a great heart for raising up a great movement of young adults to be a part of something bigger in ministry unlike anything we have seen yet in North America.

So the next time you encounter a young adult who is searching for answers or looking for the next steps in what to do with their life, and they come to you seeking your advice, say this…

“Hey, I know a guy, and his name is Josh and he is really good at helping people figure these types of things out.” Then get them connected to Josh via email, or by phone, 1.800.626.8515. Josh is the go to guy!