Dear SEND family,

I just finished the most exciting class I have ever taken called “church planting and multiplication.” The whole class was centered on making disciples! C. Peter Wagner said, “The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches.” But you don’t have to just plant new churches. If you are in an established church, there are ways to plant churches inside a church through Fresh Expressions, outreach groups, or even micro churches that are under the umbrella of your church! All of these strategies dramatically increase discipleship and reach unbelievers with the good news. Make sure you stay tuned for the upcoming content at

Big Church Small Church
Over the next months, I will have several upcoming interviews with church planters around the world and leaders who are multiplying disciples. Please keep checking for the latest episode. We hope these podcasts will inspire and equip you to make disciples in your context.

We also have several upcoming blogs focused on making disciples and planting churches. Here is one I have written called “Disciple a Few, Reach the Masses.”

Church Doctor YouTube Channel
We are adding content weekly from the SEND Movement to our Church Doctor Ministries YouTube channel. You will be able watch videos that provide top tips for discipleship, evangelism, small groups, and spiritual formation. Further, it will be another way to consume the Big Church Small Church podcast

Right now, we are offering 60-minute free phone calls from our SEND coaches. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today bt e-mailing or calling 1-800-626-8515. We believe you can do great things for God! We are here to help and pray with you.

Grace and peace,

Jon Hunter
SEND Movement Leader