teamI absolutely love the inspirational stories about teams who have defied the odds and achieved greatness. It’s safe to say that teamwork is fascinating, and not just to me; countless songs, books, poems, even movies have been created on the topic! I believe the concept of teamwork intrigues and inspires us because teams can achieve the impossible; they are stronger than any one individual. So, what defines a great team? And what does teamwork have to do with SEND North America, the 10 month training experience for young adults?

History tells us that great teams share a common goal, and they believe in it so strongly, they work together, despite all differences, to achieve that goal. Great teams put their best effort forward, understanding that one person’s strength compensates for another’s weakness. They compromise, encourage, believe in each other. Teammates share joys and defeats, depend on each other, and, often, become lifelong friends. But, greater than all of this, when you are a part of a team, you belong. You are part of something bigger than yourself, and, together, you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Helen Keller once spoke to this when she said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Teamwork is powerful.

Not surprisingly, teamwork is God’s design; He uses teamwork as an avenue for accomplishing His purpose for our lives. This comes to life in the SEND journey! In the past few months, you have navigated through the first “stops” in the SEND journey of faith. The route begins with discovery, when you learn of the opportunity of SEND. After discerning if God calls you to SEND, next “stop”? Take action and apply! Now, our travels have brought us to team.

team-nickAs Christians, we are part of something greater than ourselves; we have the privilege of being a part of the body of Christ, the team for Christ! God combines our strengths and gifts, and uses us, together, to accomplish great things for His Kingdom. This is why teamwork is such an important aspect of the Christian faith, and an equally significant aspect of the SEND journey. In SEND, you will achieve greatness for the Join Our Mailing List (Yellow)Kingdom, and you will do this together.

Mackenzie “Kenzie” Ritchie
SEND Coordinator