Road Trip!

map-455769_1280Spring is almost here, so a road trip (preferably to somewhere warm and sandy) sounds amazing right about now, however, that’s not the type of road trip I mean…. I’m referring to the virtual road trip that you and I will be taking together over the next few months! I am so excited to share with you this EXPLORE newsletter mini-series, Starting Route To…Your Future.

The purpose of this series is to navigate through the SEND journey! I want to give you an up-close look that goes beyond what SEND is, to where it can take you. SEND is a journey of faith, with incredible opportunities and firsthand experiences that leads, ultimately, to a future with God at the center. You will discover how to get involved, what SEND is all about, and why it’s a journey worth considering. Each “stop” in the series will also help you get to know who SEND is, through graduates, leaders, staff, and teachers!

The journey begins. Hop in, and enjoy the ride!

First Stop…Discovery

Have you ever walked down the aisle while buying groceries and been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options? I mean, who knew there were 27 brands of peanut butter! Well, that feeling of “option overload” is similar to how I felt when I was 18 years old, with my future on the horizon. I was bombarded with opportunities; community colleges, universities, careers, even the military! Well, I found that every journey in life begins in this same place: discovering your options. God places opportunities in your life at a specific moment that He will use for His purpose and plan; the hard part is discerning which opportunity He is calling you to!


So, how do you discern, or determine, whether or not pursuing an opportunity is part of God’s plan for you? There are a few specific things you can do to help discern God’s call in your life when you discover an opportunity:
  • Pray: Ask God for discernment; be specific with Him. Yes, He already knows what options He’s given you, but ask Him for what He wants!
  • Answer Tough Questions: What is important to you, what is God saying to you, and what is your destination, or goal?
  • Research Your Options: With those questions as a lens, investigate your opportunities and see what comes in line with what God is saying and calling you to.
  • Seek Guidance: Society tells us to think about what we want, what’s best for us. I encourage you to think about what God wants and what’s best for His Kingdom. Seek counsel from people in your life (your pastor, youth leader, parents, and perhaps friends) who pursue what God wants above all else.
Do these things, in this order, and clarity will come!


As I said, every journey in life begins with discovering options and discerning which ones God has in mind for you. SEND North America is one of these opportunities in your life! It’s an incredible and unique experience; if you want to dive deeper into your faith, discover new ways to reach out to your friends and co-workers about your relationship with Jesus, go on mission trips all over the United States and into Central America, then God may be calling you to SEND. If you feel a deep longing to find out who God created you to be and what purpose He has for your life, then I encourage you to pray about SEND, answer the tough questions, find out more, and ask for guidance! This is where the journey we are taking begins. You have options! And SEND North America is one of them.

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Mackenzie (Kenzie) Ritchie
Coordinator, S.E.N.D. North America