SEND-March2014-NewsletterWe’re pleased to present you the March 2014 update on our 10-month adventure for young adult Christians! Below find snippets of the newsletter or you may follow this link to read the full newsletter.

March Goodness: A Time of Witness, Service, and Solitude

The SEND unit was fully immersed in teaching, worship, ministry and mission in March. As we head into spring and our final phase of our journey, we give thanks to all we have done ministry with.

Witness – Acts 1:8: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Special thanks to our network churches, Destiny Family of Faith, St. John Lutheran Church, and Kendallville Assembly of God. We are grateful for the support for our upcoming mission trip and the privilege of letting our young adults share in your church services. We shared testimony, our ministry of discipleship and missionary training and were even commissioned by two amazing missionaries, Herb and Karen Johnson who serve in the Asia Pacific. We are in this part of our journey where we share witness on how the Lord is using us. We are beyond excited to be going out in the world as we head to Honduras in May! All of our training is paying off, for His glory!

Britthani G’s Transformation Experience

Britthani G, from Arkansas, participated in SEND to receive training to lead a children’s ministry. She explained how her life is being transformed through SEND: “I believe being in SEND has changed my life in the way where I know exactly who I am in Gods love. And exactly who I don’t want to be out of Gods love. SEND has been the tool God has used to refine me whilst in the fire. The greatest part of SEND for me has been the amazing, intricate work God has done by putting certain people on our path that are perfect mentors, leaders, teachers, pastors and friends.

Why SEND? Because the church today needs young adult leaders who have been mentored in Christian leadership.
Here’s an interesting video on millenials and mentoring in the church. Every SEND young adult receives personal one-to-one mentoring by a spiritually mature Christian leader. 
The teaching young adults receive in SEND is supported by a mentoring process for them to learn and process from the experience of others. SEND goes beyond teaching leadership and discipleship skills. It allows for each individual young adult to grow in the areas of leadership and ministry calling by placing them in specific opportunities for them to experience and develop their gifts, skills, and calling in ministry. 



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