SEND-September2013-NewsletterJohn 20:21 Begins!
Greetings in Christ! Today, as this newsletter comes out, we have started year 3 of SEND North America! After a long, hot summer, we are finally here and ready to start this discipleship and missionary training process for young adults. Our students are moving in. Bibles, books, binders, journals, are all ready. Our curriculum is mapped out. Mission is being prepared. We are excited to get back to all of our SEND network churches and worship. The adventure starts now and we are ready to pour our lives into this great group of millennials who have chosen to take an exciting gap year to pursue Jesus, ministry,                                              and mission.

119This first week we are excited to be hosting something special for the students. We are going to have a SEND Kickoff Cookout Celebration and Commissioning. It will be a time for our ministry to meet all of these wonderful young adults. We will pray and have a commissioning along with some fun, food, and fellowship. Later in the week, we will be doing a retreat at the famous Pokagon State Park. This time is dedicated to really get to know one another and share testimony. This is the first time the unit will spend some quality time and start to gel. We ask for prayer as we start this journey, and we give thanks for your support. We hope to see you this year and share our lives with you.

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