SEND-May2014-NewsletterWe’re pleased to present you the May 2014 update on our 10-month adventure for young adult Christians! Below find snippets of the newsletter or you may follow this link to read the full newsletter.



SEND Year 3 — Celebration of Completion!
Discipleship. Training. Worship. Mission. Spiritual Formation. Ministry. Challenge. Growth. Outreach. Teaching. These are some of the many words that come to mind when looking at what comprises SEND. As I sit here typing this, tomorrow we will graduate our third year of a SEND Unit. Months ago, the process felt like it was never going to end, like in a military boot camp. Yet, here we are. Looking back over this last year and thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe we made it. I can’t believe it is over!” We fought, we stayed focused, we are now finishing strong and ready for the next chapter. From our year-end
retreat last week, here are a few words from our SEND Team:

Britthani: “My SEND journey has been a total overhaul of who I thought I was, and helped me unearth who I truly am in God’s Love.”

SEND Graduates: Where are they now? Raymond Olivarez’s Story
Raymond Olivarez participated in SEND North America in its first year (2011-2012). Learn how SEND impacted him and led him to serve in mission and evangelism.

Why did you decide to participate in SEND?
At the time that SEND North America was introduced to me, I was a fairly new Christian but knew that God had called me to become a missionary and evangelist. Josh Humberger came to a city near me (sounds like a movie introduction) and talked about SEND and everything from there on out fell in line, so I knew it was God’s hand at work and signed up!

What did you gain/learn from the SEND teachings?
I am sure that this will be the hardest question for anyone leaving SEND to answer. The amount of spiritual disciplines you get is enough to be worth it. However, that’s only a piece of the puzzle. The knowledge and experience are the two biggest things I guess. I mean, I could try to explain it but unless you’ve done it, you’ll never understand.

Why SEND? It is High Challenge Fun!
I get to teach at SEND every year. I share some of the mission training I learned at mission school. I donate my time like all the other teachers do. I go back every year. Why? Because it’s so inspiring!

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