SEND-April2014-NewsletterWe’re pleased to present you the April 2014 update on our 10-month adventure for young adult Christians! Below find snippets of the newsletter or you may follow this link to read the full newsletter.

Immersion Weekend = Hands-On Mission and Ministry
POBLO 2014 In April we had our last immersion weekend of the year. These weekends are so important in our SEND journey because we are learning and doing hands-on ministry of all kinds. We have been so blessed this year by the many immersions all over Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky. With all of these experiences it has really got us ready and prepared for kingdom work as missionaries and ministry leaders. In April our adventure was in the greater Detroit metro area where we visited POBLO and immersed ourselves with some incredible people. POBLO International Ministries is a mission movement, which trains and sends ethnic missionaries to minister in partnership with congregations desiring to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to new Americans. For this month, our SEND young adult, Joshua, who has a heart for reaching Muslims, really enjoyed this immersion. I thought it would be neat to have him share and let you see the experience through his eyes.

SEND Graduates: Where are they now? Tim Kruse’s Story
Tim Kruse participated in SEND North America in its first year (2011-2012). Learn how SEND impacted him and led him to serve in ministry, mission and discipleship.

Why did you decide to participate in SEND? – A friend and I attended a Church Doctor Ministries event where SEND was first presented. following that I went to the Sheffield, England immersion trip. In seeking the Lord, He made it clear that I was to go through the SEND process. As the beginning of it came closer I began to second guess and almost decided to quit. Thankfully I did not!

What did you gain/learn from the SEND teachings? – There were so many teachings! And from such a variety of sources. Beyond the amazing practicality and simplicity of LifeShapes, the openness to the moving of the Spirit in miracles and giftings probably impacted me the most. The variety really opened my mind to all that is in Christ.

Why SEND? The Time is Right!
Do you ever study trends? I do, because I like to see what God’s up to. I travel a lot. I first noticed this trend in Nigeria, West Africa. The Christian church was exploding. And God was using-for the most part-young adults in their twenties, to build churches, to grow the Christian movement.

Later, I saw the same thing happening in the Amazon region of Brazil. Young people were the backbone of a fantastic movement to Christ, way out there in the largest rain forest in the world!

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