In last month’s newsletter, I put out a request for Bibles and books to supply The Rescue Mission. A week after that request was announced, I was in our local library. In the lobby was a huge rack of books ranging from all things, but primarily dealing with addiction, faith, Christian living, and rebuilding one’s life, aka, self-help books. I silently chuckled when I saw a book called Prevent Burnout – A Guide for Youth Pastors.

I went to the young lady at the counter and asked, “Are those books out there in the lobby free?” She said, “Yes, take as many as you want to those in need.” I felt a chill go up my spine and told her I was doing a book drive for the homeless in Fort Wayne. The books would be put to good use, and I thanked her! Then, over the coming days and weeks, the Bibles started pouring in. The response has been overwhelming.

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