SEND-NewsJuly2013What You Will Learn In SEND!
I just watched a 10-minute, flashy video on a new gap-year program being offered in Ohio. At the end, I had questions. What do they do? Are they a ministry? Do they just do community service and read books? I cringed at the thought of folks not knowing what SEND is. We went to great lengths to share SEND this year, along with having folks experience and do SEND.SEND Last chapter 404

I am super excited about explaining who we are, what we offer, and what we do. We are not a program but a process. We are a vehicle for 20-somethings to be trained in discipleship, ministry, and mission. We offer an alternate path to pursue God, find yourself, find your purpose, and be absorbed in Christian faith. If you are thinking about doing SEND, taking a gap year, or if you know of someone that SEND could benefit, here are bullet points to review when sharing what our dynamic ministry is all about! SEND participants will:

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