SEND-August2013-NewsletterGreetings in Christ. We pray everyone had a great summer! Fall is here, which leads us to something exciting … the start of our new SEND year! After a busy and productive recruiting season, we are now in preparation mode for the start of SEND, which begins on October 1. Curriculum, teachers, missions are being set now. Binders, Bibles, books, journals, and materials are being purchased. We have an incredible year lining up, and we are adding a few new teachers and topics. We will also be adding a few new and exciting components to the ministry in terms of mission and outreach,                                               as well as a couple of new churches in our worship network                                                 rotation.
320px-Space_Shuttle_Atlantis_launches_from_KSC_on_STS-132This I promise you, there is no other discipleship program in the United States that is as jam packed in terms of teaching, mission, and worship as SEND North America. Our students will receive a once-in-a-lifetime experience and adventure. We are beyond excited to start, and the Lord has blessed us with some incredible young adults who are really ready to give their all for God. They are full of positive energy;they are available; they are faithful; they are teachable; and they are ready to devote their lives to Christ, full-time until next June. Hallelujah!
In our application process we ask: What led you to apply to SEND North America? Here are a few quotes that will excite all who read them:

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