BritthaniBritthani G, from Arkansas, participated in SEND to receive training to lead a children’s ministry. She explained how her life is being transformed through SEND: “I believe being in SEND has changed my life in the way where I know exactly who I am in God’s love. And exactly who I don’t want to be out of God’s love. SEND has been the tool God has used to refine me whilst in the fire. The greatest part of SEND for me has been the amazing, intricate work God has done by putting certain people on our path that are perfect mentors, leaders, teachers, pastors and friends.

Britthani told me the SEND process has placed her in a much stronger, intimately known relationship with God and she feels as if He refined her though understanding of what it is to truly be loved. She believes she is humble in God’s love; She said “It was like God whispered in my ear the reason behind the reason why I was struggling and fighting so hard, and than it clicked. He was asking me to be humble.

Britthani shared that the people that she has bumped into on the journey have been quite many, but the people that have had the most effect are her fellow housemates, Amy and Marielle. They have given her insight to things her eyes weren’t open to and they’ve helped her growth by breaking down walls. She’s truly come to care about the connections and interactions with them.

Britthani is seeking continued spiritual growth in her SEND journey. We thank God for bringing Britthani to the 2013-2014 SEND unit and pray for her continued growth and transformation.

John Wargowsky
Recruiting Support Team
SEND North America/Church Doctor Ministries

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