The SEND North America launch year of September 2011-June 2012 is only two weeks away! There are a couple of young adults “still on the fence” in their decision making. It is a flurry of activity. The curriculum is now completed. The teachers are being invited to teach. Housing and jobs for incoming young adults are being arranged. What a busy time! The reality is coming upon us! This is not thousands of young adults – yet. It is a humble beginning. But it is the beginning – of a movement. Let the multiplication begin! One more thing: we are now beginning recruitment for 2012-2013. Contact us if we can send you a poster to put on a bulletin board in your church and/or a brochure (or several) to give to young adults you know.


Prayer Items:

  • Thank God for the financial support that continues to come in – it separates the dream and reality. God bless every donor!
  • Thank God for our growing number of prayer partners. Revival movements just do not occur without many prayer warriors.
  • Ask God to provide the ten support partner families who will give $50 per month, for ten months for the young adults. Some of the young adults come from backgrounds that are financially limited. Ask God to provide partners.
  • Ask God to strengthen the staff to get all the details worked out, in His timing and for the benefit of the SEND young adult team.
  • Ask the Lord for divine guidance for the teachers who are being challenged to donate their time and effort to teach the young adults.
  • Pray for God’s anointing for Jonathan Zinnel and his new role as recruitment director – that his work be effective in reaching young adults who would be called to grow in discipleship through SEND during the 2012-2013 year.
  • Ask for God’s blessing of strength, health, and courage for the staff – that we get through these busy, hectic, and challenging days of preparation.
  • Pray for God’s blessing for the SEND Open House on Friday September 16, 2011 at the SEND training center in Kendallville, Indiana. (You are invited!)
  • Ask God to bless the training session for SEND mentors, taking place on September 7, 2011.
  • Ask God to bless the first session for SEND young adults on September 13, 2011 and the opening retreat on 9/14-15/11.
  • Pray God’s blessings on Josh as he leads these exciting, on-fire young adults.