When we first planned to launch SEND about 2 years ago, it seemed like a distant dream. This week marks “less than one month to go…” and counting. We began with a plan that a SEND leader would be hired 6-7 months before launch and students would be recruited by July 1. Financial strains required a later addition of the SEND leader — May. The reality now is that, with three weeks to go, several young adults are in the process of decision. We still can’t tell you how many young adults will represent this historic first year of this movement.

Prayer Items:


  • Thank God for Josh, the SEND leader, who in four months has done a tremendous job of recruiting students.
  • Thank God for Tracee, who has worked tirelessly to expose the world to SEND on the internet.
  • Thank God for Tracee, again, for working through the mountain of details to trademark the SEND North America “brand.”
  • Thank God for Steve Peterson for his anointed idea, The J-Dog Journey: Where Is Life?
  • Thank God for the way God is using The J-Dog Journey to inspire young adults, and, will continue to do so — we believe — in the future.
  • Ask God to guide the process of selecting housing for the students – located in the right mission field.
  • Thank God for so many people who continue to provide financial support, at just the right time, to enable us to continue this incredible journey.
  • As God, by His miraculous power to do whatever it takes to touch every young adult He intends to be in SEND — to get there in the next 21 days.
  • Thank God for donors who have chosen to provide financial support partnership ($500) for some of the young adults who come from financially challenged backgrounds — and they have never even met them!

— What an awesome, inspiring privilege it is to be in this adventure!