Editor’s note:  This is a guest post by Pastor Jim Kane from First Church of God in Kendallville, IN.

To be able to teach a group of young adults about matters related to the Christian faith and mission through SEND North America was a wonderful and spiritually empowering experience for me. What struck me was the ability of the group to respond to the material and dialog with one another. This was a refreshing experience and one that I learned from as well.

I was privileged to address two vital issues of personal and corporate faith and mission development – The Art of Forgiveness and The Spiritual Discipline of Gratitude.  As I prepared, I asked for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and felt His presence as I did so.

To have been able to teach this outstanding group of students was a privilege and a responsibility. A privilege to share in our faith journey together as was done for me in my 20’s. A responsibility in that I am very aware of the need to pass on the faith to those younger than me.

I anxiously await to see how these five students respond to God’s direction and mission for them in the years ahead.


Jim Kane pastors the First Church of God in Kendallville, IN. You can find him on Twitter or read his blog.