About SEND Training

SEND is 10 months of practical training in leadership, mission and discipleship for young adults 18-29.

SEND year explained


We are dedicated to training, preparing and empowering young adults to live out God’s call and purpose.

Graduates  have gone on to become church planters, ministry team leaders, counselors, missionaries, teachers and marketplace leaders. Wherever God calls you, SEND is here to equip, prepare, and guide you.

“As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

John 20:21


Biblical Study & Training

Mission Experience

Practical Training

Through 50+ biblical teachings, you will focus on 5 major areas of your faith: deepening your relationship with God, outreach and evangelism, leadership and discipleship strategies, discovering your gifts and purpose, and being connected as the body of Christ.

With 40+ mission excursions, you will serve alongside a wide variety of different ministries and mission organizations, living out God’s command to serve “the least of these” and “make disciples of all nations.” This includes weekly mission in local communities, 7 weekend mission excursions in the Midwest (United States), and 2 weeks of international mission outreach.

The best way to equip you in your faith is to immerse you in the community, a.k.a. the “mission field!” You will implement what you learn in the classroom through a personalized internship, which fits your gifts and skills, at a ministry, mission organization, school, business, or non-profit. Practical training also includes part-time employment in a secular setting that offsets your cost of living.




Each SEND team becomes a tight-knit family as they eat, laugh, and share life together. You will share housing with your SEND brothers or sisters, and begin and end your 10-month training with team retreats. Your “huddle” (accountability team) will meet regularly to encourage and hold each other accountable.

Your training will develop you into a well-equipped follower of Jesus Christ, who goes on to disciple others! Your SEND leaders are passionate about leading, challenging, and teaching you throughout your training, and your personal mentor, who is a seasoned Christian leader, will walk with you through this journey.

You will worship with your SEND team at a local university throughout the week, and travel to worship with many of our partner churches on Sundays. These worship experiences as a team, as a family, will give you a deeper sense of praise and admiration for our God, as you worship in new ways and commune with God like you never have before.

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