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Leader, SEND North America – Michigan

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SEND Mission and Discipleship Coordinator

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Nehemiah House Project

Young Adult Missionaries Need Your Help!nehemiah

You know about Nehemiah. He rebuilt the Jerusalem wall, against all odds. (Nehemiah 1-7) You know about Jesus, he said, “As the Father has sent me, I send you.”  (John 20:21). The word “sent” is the word “missionary.” We are all “sent” to share Jesus.

Years ago, some great support partners helped us purchase the house next door to our office. It is called the Nehemiah Missionary House. It has housed Christian Missionaries from all over the world. The next group is coming in soon: young adults training for ten months in SEND – the young adult discipleship and missionary training developed by Church Doctor Ministries.

The Nehemiah House needs some serious repairs – soon: a new roof, plumbing, windows, some paint. We need help for this special project.

We invite you to join us as Nehemiah House support partners. Please pray: ask God what He would have you generously invest in these young missionaries and more to come. Nehemiah had many generous helpers. All these years later, God’s work is still important.

Help us invest in the next generation. Please click on the donate button below to make your tax deductible gift to Church Doctor Ministries/SEND for this special project.

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