November 2015 SEND Happenings!

A taste of the teachings we had this past month: LifeShapes (tools/vocabulary for leadership and discipleship) Ministry with senior adults Outreach to those in need Making biblical choices Preaching, teaching, and proclaiming the gospel Gratitude and thanksgiving Not...

SEND Takeaways: October 2015

Kenzie Ritchie, Leader of SEND North America, shares takeaways from the SEND Team’s experiences in October 2015. SEND Takeaways: October 2015 from SEND North America on Vimeo.

Explore S.E.N.D. — Your Future

See what God had in store for one SEND graduate, Raymond Olivarez’s, future, and where he is today. Explore S.E.N.D. – Your Future from SEND North America on Vimeo.

Explore S.E.N.D. — Mission

Our SEND teams serve many people, churches, and mission organizations and actively help people come to know the redeeming grace of God. Check out this video from the July 2015 SEND Newsletter to learn more about the role of mission in SEND. Explore S.E.N.D. –...

Explore S.E.N.D. — Faith

Watch what SEND teachers, Pastor Shriner, Pastor Diehl, and Pastor Kane, have to say about the SEND journey of faith in this video from the June 2015 EXPLORE S.E.N.D. Newsletter. Explore S.E.N.D. – Faith from SEND North America on...