The Big Church Small Church Podcast with Jon Hunter

Conversations and tips for churches to engage in outreach communities to reach new people for God in your neighborhood. For questions, comments, or feedback, please send an email to  

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Jon Hunter

Jonathan Hunter joined the Church Doctor Ministry staff in November 2015 as SEND North America’s Mission and Discipleship Coordinator. He currently serves as The SEND Movement Leader for Church Doctor Ministries. Jon and his wife, Esther, previously served as missionaries to Malaysia serving as teachers in an international school and assisting with a church plant in Kuala Lumpur. Jon and Esther also served in ministry in England.

Where Do I Begin? (Podcast)

Thanks for joining the Big Church Small Church Podcast. This episode explores the idea of starting an organic group by building relationships. Begin with the “who,” meaning, who do you want to reach? Don’t start with the “where.” When trying to reach new people, it...

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Big Church Small Church Intro (Podcast)

Thanks for joining the Big Church Small Church Podcast. The word “church” is not about a location or a building. It is  about a people. In this episode, we will relearn what it means to be the church, recognize the challenges of reaching people for God, and learn key...

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